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Sara Dale
"Knowledge in youth is wisdom in old age"
The origins of House Silverwood lie far from the granite cliffs near Gilfane town. Indeed, it was long ago in the leafier environs of Catskills that a group of adventurers roamed the untamed lands, hunting the wild beasts and monsters, gathering fortunes and organizing fun and entertainment for the community. Then, after many years, those that remained of the original fellowship made the long journey to Siege Perilous to bring their collective wisdom and experience to the denizens of this still untamed land. After a brief stopover in the halls of Shalimar's keep, they were eagerly welcomed into the community of Gilfane and were soon granted the right to form a new House. Thus was born Silverwood.

The ethos of Silverwood is fairly simple; to assist all those in need of help and advice, especially the young, whether they be Gilfane members or those of the Siege community at large. Silverwood welcomes interaction with those outside the guild provided the other party acts in good faith. However, all this does not mean that members do nothing but sit in armchairs and talk. Silverwood folk know how to hunt and fight and will defend themselves and others when called upon. The House is open to new members but expects anyone who joins to be utterly trustworthy, polite and reliable.

Guildhall map
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Initially, Silverwood was based around the former township of Safe Haven. In October 208, however, the House decided to relocate the guildhall to a spot a little to the south of Thistledown Forest in the Gilfane area. When the town of Gilfane was relocated, the Loot House was designated as the new guildhall.

The Silverwood House symbol is open books (Doom artifact rarity 3). The books represent acquired knowledge and their open nature indicates that one is always continuing to learn. The main House colour is silver (standard dye tub - leftmost column, third row from bottom, maximum brightness; leather dye tub - shadow iron, second from top), a wry reflection of the state of the founding member's hair, together with black. The House uniform is armour and clothing in any combination of the House colours. Wearing the uniform is optional, but it is hoped that members will choose to wear it with pride.

Notable Events
07/07/208 Silverwood established as Gilfane House under the leadership of Branwyn of Errol.
07/10/208 Silverwood guildhall moved to Gilfane town area.
07/10/208 Silverwood recognized as a Greater House.
11/01/210 Tal-san-su succeeds Branwyn as prelate.
01/08/210 Silverwood downgraded to Minor House.
12/03/211 Branwyn returns as prelate.
01/04/212 Silverwood becomes a Greater House again.
17/12/212 Sara Dale replaces Branwyn as prelate.

House Silverwood is mostly comprised of elder adventurers and all manner of honourable skills which enable members to enjoy the challenges of the world are welcome. However, it is understand that wisdom often involves change so there is some flexibility. The House prelate is known as elder or eldress. All other founder members are considered of equal level four rank and bear titles that reflect knowledge gained that may go beyond the narrow scope of a particular profession. Other members who join will be given the title of Seeker until they are sure which regular profession they wish to follow. There is no profession precedence.

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