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 Silvanus title
Elder Az
"Guardians of the forest"
House Silvanus is named after the Roman god of the forest. We follow the ways of our ancestors, the Wood Elves. Wood Elves have been likened to a force of nature, neither truly good nor evil. Like a placid lake, the Wood Elves can appear serene, beautiful, and enchanting, or as frightening and destructive as a storm. Wood Elves don't object to outside influences in Elven culture and are regarded as an open and welcoming race. They lead much less structured lives than their cousins and have a great fondness and talent for art and music. At times they can be playful and mischievous, but never with ill-meaning intentions. A great deal of those who have encountered Wood Elves talk of them as a kind, forgiving race.
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We strive to be one with nature, and respect those who themselves respect nature. We have a distinct lack of interest in the goings-on of the world outside of the forest and if we could live our lives without interference from the world beyond our lands, then we would do so gladly. But we will defend our territory to the end when necessary. We are mostly hunters of monsters with little experience of combat against other people. That we leave to the experts.

Our lands are in Yew, between the moongate and the Abbey, and west to the sea. Our gathering area, The Great Tree, can be seen from the Abbey. There are spots available for housing in this area, which would be especially good for those that do not practice the magical arts. Housing must contain wooden themes or elven themes. All of our members are encouraged to live outside of the city and away from the barren lands, gaining an appreciation for nature by living amongst the trees. We welcome those of Elven heritage and the other races, and particularly those whose professions concern nature, such as spellweaving, animal taming, and crafting (with wooden resources).

The House colour is forest green and members are encouraged to wear this at all times. The standard colour of barbed armour is extremely close to our colour and if other armour is used, it should be coloured the House colour. To differentiate our members, you may wear a sash coloured to your personal choice. Only one person (player) may choose a particular shade, and they will be awarded on a first-come basis.

Our seal is a butcher knife. This is the item that Silvanus carries with him on his journeys through the forest. All House members will display the seal on their front steps. This item will be provided to all members.

Notable Events
25/06/207 House Silvanus officially formed with Elder Reuggan as prelate.
01/08/207 Silvanus recognized as a greater house.
02/10/207 Silvanus becomes the Ruling House.
03/05/208 Nemesis takes over as Ruling House.
02/09/208 Silvanus returns to being the Ruling House.
01/01/209 Nemesis takes over as Ruling House.
01/05/209 Silvanus becomes Ruling House again.
13/10/209 Az replaces Reuggan as prelate.
01/09/210 Vorrak takes over as Ruling House.
01/11/210 Silvanus regains Ruling House position.

We welcome all standard professions. Our precedence is (1) Mage, (2) Craftsman, (3) Tamer, (4) Bardic, (5) Military.

Prominent Members

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