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Serpent title
Knight Commander
Blind Otto
"Truth, Honor, Courage"
In days of old, when Siege was young, a mighty force for good thundered across this land.
A wave of dark blue, arising wherever evil might try to gain a foothold, defending the innocent.
The best of the best, the most loyal, noble warriors this land had to offer, patrolled the land.
These were the men and women known as The Knights of the Silver Serpent.
Mightiest amongst them was their leader - the Knight Commander, and Lord of Wintermoor.
Lord Py Lethius. May the bards sing of his victories forever!

But, while legends may live on, heroes are as mortal as you or I.
One by one, through deceit, cowardly ambushes, foul spells, and treachery, the Knights fell.
Many died in battle - each taking scores of enemies to the grave with them.
The most unfortunate ones were consumed by dark sorceries, forcing their fellows to slay them, saving them from a fate worse than death.
Finally, once proud Wintermoor, the mountain fortress that stood against these evils, fell.
Its ruins are now a haunt of crows and foxes.
The bones of those who would accuse our land's foul rulers now lie bleached white in the sun, or in a cold grave beneath Wintermoor's snow.
All who built their fortunes by following in British's bloodied footsteps, rejoiced, proclaiming that they would see that none remain who will dare oppose them.

And yet, a small handful of Knights survives.
We still have the fire in our hearts. We still have our love of justice, ever burning.
We still have our swords in our hands, and the Silver Serpent on our shields.

One day, just maybe, we might have you by our sides. What say ye, young warrior?
Guildhall map
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The guildhall and base of operations for KSS is to be found south-east of Skara Brae. It is here that the House prelate and ultimate authority in KSS, the Knight Commander, resides along with many of the artifacts from the Knights' history.

The House colour is KSS blue (special dye tube, darkest shade of dark blue) and their symbol an iron shield of Order. The Shield is to be carried at all times. KSS has a fairly strict dress protocol, and members wear their uniforms with pride.

The KSS Charter

A Land Cursed
This once living land lies under a dark spell. Spirits can never leave these earthly bounds, but fight and die day after day. Evil walks the surface and dominates life. The old gods of the forests, mountains and rivers are dead or driven away. The land cries out for her King, the one who will heal and drive the evil off.

The False King
The man known as Lord British came into kingship not by birthright, but gained through dark sorcery. He abandoned us and left us with a mockery of Justice. He ignores the cries for help, nor does he take arms to combat the evil or seek to cure the pestilence. He hides behind his amulets of invulnerability and does nothing.

The Calling
It was the sleeping god Mithras, spirit of the earth, that led the Knights of the Silver Serpent to be founded. In visions, in dreams he made his will known and revealed the promise of the True King's return. It is this son of the ancient line of kings we serve, and when his time comes, we will be his fighting force and depose British the Pretender who bears the family emblem, the Silver Serpent, falsely. While this son of Kings remains hidden by the wizard Myrddin, we prepare for his return.

The Quest
While Mithras does not reveal all, through dreams and visions he makes it known what tasks the Loyal must perform. Only the initated are given knowledge of these Mithraic mysteries.

The Principles
The key Principles of the Order of the Knights of the Silver Serpent are: Truth, Courage and Honor
Truth - Deception is the Shield of Evil. A Knight must always seek Truth. Speak only Truth and defend it. Let Truth be your Sword.
Courage - Fear is the Sword of Evil. A Knight must be prepared to face his enemy and defend his charges. A Knight should never let Fear become his master. Let Courage be your Shield.
Honor - Each Knight carries the Honor of his brothers. A Knight's word is his bond. Let Honor be your Armor. If it is strong, Evil can never truly defeat you.

The Knight's Code
A Knight is sworn to valor.
His heart knows only virtue.
His blade defends the helpless.
His might upholds the weak.
His word speaks only truth.
His wrath undoes the wicked.

Rules of Engagement
  • No dry looting - you may disarm a fallen opponent by taking reagents, weapons and explosion potions. If you have lost critical equipment earlier in the battle, you may replace them. Never take items that only have value to the owner such as clothing.
  • No res-killing. The only exception is when the battle is not yet over and the target is attempting to regain his equipment so he may rejoin the battle.
  • No mount-killing. The exceptions are mounts that are aggressive, and beetles that you suspect may contain equipment looted from KSS or our allies. Swamp dragons may be slain if the rider is dismounted. Slaying llamas and regular horses should be avoided since this only targets younglings who cannot ride the ethereals.
  • No use of Lord British's guards as a means of killing your enemy. We do not recognize British's authority, nor do we want his protection. Hiding in the shelter of his protection is considered dishonorable.
  • Always resurrect your enemy when possible and treat him with honor.

Notable Events
03/03/204 Blind Otto makes application to KSS.
09/01/205 Sir Castor, in the grip of madness, becomes an elf.
09/05/205 Blind Otto completes final initate's quest.
15/08/205 A war party is sent to bring justice to Angel Island.
06/02/206 The Wakayama Clan declare war.
06/04/206 KSS Celebrate Miranda's saving of Wintermoor's Temple of Mithras.
  Many Knights return home to Wintermoor.
  Velare maintains an outpost on Angel Island.
01/05/206 The Lady Miranda is Knighted.
18/05/206 Squire Toth is Knighted.
30/06/206 Sir Piram Agrivar returns from the wars.
04/03/207 The Wakayama Clan are beaten into submission.
21/06/207 A smelly orc named Mo'gluk is seen building a crude hut in Wintermoor.
15/10/207 KSS leave Wintermoor, relocate to Skara.
13/02/208 Lord Py Lethius departs for the Spirit Realm.
01/02/209 KSS established as Gilfane house under the leadership of Blind Otto.

KSS contains just a single, non-standard order which is organized in a military structure:

RankGuild TitleMaximum
VIIIMarshal of GilfaneOne (if ruling house)
VIIKnight CaptainOne
VIKnight SeneschalOne
IVKnight / Wizard / Knight MagistrateUnlimited
IIISergeant / Magus Unlimited
IISoldier / Sorcerer / Scout / Squire / Apprentice Wizard / CraftsmanUnlimited

Initiates - All those joining the House begin as an initiate on a trial basis. If they can prove their worth, they will be considered for full-member status. A formal review and vote must take place before any initiate can be so promoted, but if successful they will become a soldier, scout, sorcerer or craftsman depending on their skills.

Soldier - Soldiers are the men-at-arms of KSS. They are expected to obey their commanding officers and keep their equipment in order and ready for battle.

Sorcerer - Sorcerers are the soldiers who wield magic instead of steel.

Scout - Scouts use their stealth and other specialized abilities to support the regular troops. They report directly to the Knight Captain.

Craftsman - The craftsmen are the non-combatants who provide equipment and resources to the troops. One craftsman may be appointed as the Supply Sergeant and is responsible for ensuring that adequate stocks are maintained in the House restock areas.

Sergeant - Soldiers who have shown themselves to have the wisdom and ability to lead men may be given the rank of sergeant. There will be one position available for every four soldiers and no more. They will have the authority to command a unit of soldiers.

Magus - Sorcerers given the authority to lead men are given the title of magus. They are considered to be of the same rank as sergeant.

Squire - To become a Knight, one must be recommended by a Knight or Wizard and brought before the Knight Captain. If the soldier is deemed worthy, he may become a squire and begin his training. The squire will pass through instruction, ordeals and ultimately a quest before his knighting. Squires have no authority over soldiers without the express order of a Knight although they are encouraged to take a leadership role.

Apprentice Wizard - An apprentice wizard follows the same path as a squire, but his training is particular to his class.

Knight - Knights are soldiers who have shown themselves worthy of the title by deed and by proof of prowess upon the field. A Knight may command a troop of soldiers and mages, and make decisions in the absence of the Knight Commander and Knight Captain.

Wizard - Wizards are considered the same rank as Knights, the only difference being the class distinction.

Knight Magistrate - The Knight Magistrate's primary function is to oversee the development of initiates and squires. His secondary function is to manage operations in and around the guildhall to ensure that all aspects of the community are in good order. He is directly commanded by the Knight Captain and holds rank over all Knights and Wizards.

Priest - The Priest is the spiritual leader of KSS. He is ranked just below the Knight Seneschal but has no dominion over military matters. The Priest is top level of authority for all non-combatants within the House.

Knight Seneschal - The Knight Seneschal is the officer who is responsible for ensuring that every aspect of the House is running smoothly. His official duties include House Treasurer and Keeper of Runes. The Seneschal assists the Priest in his functions and may be called upon to make decisions in their stead. For purposes of rank, the Seneschal should be considered immediately below the Knight Captain. The Knight Seneschal may be called upon to act as an emmisary or organize House activities.

Knight Captain - The Knight Commander's right hand man, the Knight Captain is responsible for all matters military. He holds the enemies list and is the acting warlord.

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