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"From darkness to light"
In its early years, Gilfane fought repeated battles with the orcs of western Umbra, culminating with the bloody Battle of Torrin Mor which drove most of the orcs from the area yet resulted in the downfall of Gilfane's greatest house, Carrillon. The fight continues elsewhere to this day, but now a new era has dawned as an orc has been granted the right to form a Gilfane house, Loth'migh.
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Loth'migh is the humanized version of Lotlhwl'mlgh, an ancient orc title describing those among the orc race who would seek to emulate the Outsider God of the orcs, he whose name was struck from the minds and histories of the orc race for his rebellious attitudes. In fact, the name is directly translated as 'to rebel from evil'. By nature, orcs are a warlike and dark race. This god saw that this leads to a lifetime of nothing but trial and tribulation, so he sought to create a segment of the population that would promote fairness and respect for others by leaving their basest impulses behind them. He knew the darkest desires of the orc mind could never be completely erased or suppressed, but if it could be focused and directed towards a helpful outlook and respect of the elves and humans there may be lasting peace or non-aggression spread throughout the world.

Of course, this belief of an equity in the world outside of our base impulses is not one that started nor ended with the orcs. Many races have seen this point of view and sought to live this life. First and foremost the Loth'migh are neutral. They seek to stand apart from the world and will enter into action only when their lives or the lives of others are endangered. They seek to convince others that only by tolerance and self control can all races co-exist. All races can enter house Loth'migh, but the majority of those who seek its doors are of the dark races, for only if you have walked in the shadows can you truly know what it takes to walk in the light.

Some see this house as a path to redemption. Murders and thieves, even pirates and the living spirits who still walk the lands come to the house seeking a new life, to turn aside from their old ways of death and destruction. The house, though, is a journey not a destination. There are many who struggle with the desire to maim and murder each moment they breathe or walk. Yet each day they succeed at abstinence can be counted as a victory for the forces of light and justice. Loth'migh is made up primarily of warriors and dark mages, but there is room for the thief and the assassin or even the greedy merchant who haunts the dark alleys and can't help but take honest money from good people and give them inferior or defective goods in return.

The house colours of Loth'migh are black and white, representing darkness and light. For clothing, the official materials are charcoal grey (level four reward cloth) and spider silk white. If leather armour is worn, it should be dyed the darkest shade of shadow iron. The house uniform is either a jin-baori or a robe, both made of spider slik, but an ice-white reward robe may also be used if available. At official events, mages must wear the robe and warriors the vest.

The leader of Loth'migh is known as the Khan and the house symbol is the Orcish Visage helm. The guildhall is located in the central area of Gilfane town, just near the Arena.

Notable Events
09/10/208 House Loth'migh officially formed with Khan Mo'gluk as prelate.
01/08/210 With Mo'gluk and most of his followers missing, Keeper Ian James serves notice of Dissolution.

Those joining Loth'migh start as a level one Neophyte. To advance further, the neophyte must choose a path. For most, this will either be a mage or warrior. Tamers may choose to become Herders and crafters can be Mak'rs, both level two ranks with no further advancement. The neophyte must then attend a ceremony known as 'The Choosing' where he will quest for his weapon of choice that matches his path. The ceremony will culminate in a duel, fought naked except for weapons, bandages and reagents.

The house leadership consists of an Inner Circle made up of the Khan, the top ranked mage and warrior, and the designated leader from the non-combatants (herders and mak'rs).

 Guild Title 
RankWarriorMageMaximum per House
VIOverlordOne (if ruling house)
VLordOne (when greater house)

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