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General Rules of Conduct

  • Membership is open to all players of a generally good, friendly nature.
  • Members of the guild need not be role players, but they must be able to interact with role players and not do anything to spoil their enjoyment.
  • Members must display guild ID at all times (preferably the [GIL] tag, but guild subtitle if not).
  • Members should act in a mature manner both in-game and in other communication channels. They should endeavour to communicate without excessive use of 'text speech' or slang, especially on in-game chat. Gratuitous use of profanity in text or speech communications is expressly forbidden.
  • Members must not perform hostile acts (combat, theft, etc.) against any innocent players, and must not attack others purely on 'colour'. Only those guilds and individuals (red or blue) who have harmed our guild or are known evil-doers (which includes people caught running scripts) should be the target for such attacks. Never res-kill a fallen enemy if they pose no further threat.
  • Try to maintain a sense of honour at all times. Where possible, try to help those new to the lands or those requiring aid. Never stoop to the level of our enemies, no matter the provocation.
  • Thought should be given when looting enemies. If the opponent was fighting honourably, consider not looting or only taking combat items and returning them later. At most, only take items that are used for combat or that have some resale value. Dry looting an enemy (taking normal clothing, crafting tools, etc.) is forbidden.
  • Do not use public forums or chat channels for excessive bragging or complaining about in-game events. Always consider how a forum thread may reflect upon the guild regardless of the justification for your own posts.
  • Applicants will generally be turned away if their names are non-standard, modernistic or inappropriate. Examples of non-standard names are those with mixed case (GriMwOld, GAnDAlf) or all upper case.
  • Except in rare cicrumstances, installation of the Mumble communications program and the ability to hear speech are now a requirement of membership. Members should make use of Mumble and mapping software during major group hunts.
  • Gilfane does not permit the use of scripting and other cheating tools, particularly those for use in combat or the gathering of resources, nor any other activity deemed to be illegal, including unattended macroing.

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