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Hunt Loot Division

The following is the standard Gilfane protocol for distributing loot after guild hunts: -

  • Champion Spawns
    • After the hunt is complete, all participants retire to a nominated bank or secure location. All gold, scrolls, artifacts and significant corpse loot is pooled and given to a senior guild member.
    • Gold shall be distributed evenly to all participants. Participants may choose to waive their share in favour of the other members of the party, or a certain group within the party (e.g. NEW members).
    • Any hunt member may now claim a power scroll for use on his character or an alt. At this point, participants MUST NOT claim scrolls for friends or simply to sell. If more than one member claims a scroll, dice are used to determine the recipient.
    • Each hunt member now rolls dice with the high roller getting to pick one scroll or item from the remaining loot, followed by the second-highest roll and so on down. Once all members have made a selection, the high roller makes another selection until all items have been picked or all members have dropped out.
  • Peerless Monsters
    • All items gained from a successful Peerless hunt are taken to a suitable secure location and displayed for all participants to see.
    • Hunt members will take turns to choose one item for themselves. For these purposes, a single ingredient counts as one item. All members shall make a dice roll to determine the order of picks.
    • In instances where certain individual(s) had spent a long time acquiring the keys for the hunt, it is customary to allow them precedence over those that just participated in killing the Peerless.
    • Once all members have declined further picks, the remaining items can be taken for guild restock rooms, donated to NEW, disposed of or left to decay.
  • Harrowers
    • All alliance scrolls and any special reward gained from the harrower will be taken to a safe house and locked down on the floor in stacks of like value.
    • Each +25 scroll will be rolled for in turn by eligible participants with the highest roller winning the scroll or, if so desired and still available, the special reward. To be eligible to roll, a participant must have joined the hunt when the false harrower was above two thirds health or otherwise have made a significant contribution to the hunt (e.g. by helping fend off a raid). Participants may only receive one +25 scroll or special reward per hunt unless the number of such items exceeds the number of hunt members claiming them.
    • After all +25s are awarded, those participants who did not win one shall make a further roll for the remaining scrolls. The highest roller receives the highest remaining scroll, the next highest roller receives the next best scroll, and so on until all participants have received a scroll or there are no more scrolls available.
    • If any scrolls still remain after this, participants may put in a claim for them. Where multiple claims are made, priority always goes to the person(s) who received the lowest scrolls in the initial distribution.
  • Paragons and other hunts
    • All gold acquired is pooled and distributed to hunt participants.
    • Any items found may be kept by those that looted them, although, as with Champion Spawns, it is customary to offer items not needed to those who may have a use for them.

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