a different tale of nightstalker

Started by shipw, January 12, 2009, 07:00:22 PM

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The Gilfane guild and friends were doing their part to rid our fair lands of vermin hoards when one of our newer members cried out for help. He was being attacked by a named rat called nightstalker.  We were unaware (but not surprised) that such a rat could appear amongst the slimes and rodents.

This particular rat was highly skilled at hiding and running away, though we ran to the aid of our guild mate. Also not a surprised, he called upon roving gangs of fairy's to do his dirty work. I had him on tracking and tried to ride him down, but he would not stand and fight. We tracked and chased him, created earthquakes, tried to reveal, but could not get him.

After a few minutes of this silliness, we tired of chasing him about and returned to the business of clearing the vermin hoard and killed the villain Barracoon. He popped in and out during the fight but apparently learned his lesson about staying visible long enough to cause any problems.

To our surprise, we found the corpse of nightstalker, stuck in the woods by Barracoon's deathspot. It appeared that a slime was feeding on his corpse. A fitting end to this parasite. My guess is that there is in truth, no honor among thieves and he was killed by his own vermin brethren.

Not wanting to stick around for raiders, I assumed that everything the thief had on his corpse was stolen and some was probably from our own persons. After regrouping, it appears he lacked the skill to steal from any of the folks at the hunt.  I do question the quality of such gear on a person so low. I can only surmise that he had stolen it from other folks. If anyone recognizes a treasure lost in the presence of this pond scum, I would be delighted to return it to the rightful owner.

A very nice dagger, I must say. No doubt good for stabbing honest people in the back when they at low health, fighting monsters and minding their own business.

A few decent fast cast items, good for casting invis and shape-shifting into some kind of sewer type vermin. Pretty nice stats, I would hate to loose these items. It is never a good idea to venture beyond the guard zones with equipment you can not afford to loose.

In the end, we hauled out a treasure store of gold and scored a nice meditation SoT and this 120 Power Scroll! According to our custom, we rolled the dice and Fanta was the winner. A good turn of events for him (as he was the one brutally attacked by nightstalker.)

Gilfane is not about stealing from people though. Even if this gear is rightfully Nightstalker's, I would be happy to return it to him if he would like to ask for it back. Except for the dagger. I will be returning that in my own time of choosing.



Everything is better when you are wearing purple shoes.


Thanks :) it made for an exciting rat spawn actually. Was a fun time.


hehe return the dagger when u stab him with it? :P

Sir Morder

Haha, the only conversation i've had with nightstalker was him complaining to me something about breaking his camera and ruining his scene *evil grings*


I'd like to see a whole series on the stalker being stalked  ;) would be so much more fun!  ;D


Love your tale Ship!

Witch Dendra will not "PVP", however is seeking all advice on sending postive energy (heal, cure) to guildmates in need. 

Dendra wishes to be involked when mates are attacked with negative energy (EB, Poinson), presently she is meditating to gain wisdom which will make the witch more effictive!

*looks to Ship for advice*


Here is some advice on being helpful in a group, Dendra:

The first thing I do whenever I am partied is bring up all the health bars.  Watch the health bars to see who needs to be healed. 

Players are supposed to cure themselves, but they sometimes cannot and then you can cast greater cure on them.


Just to second what Honeycomb said, healers are a huge help on many kinds of hunts and even during pvp situations. If you have high skill for hiding, even better for your own safety. What honeycomb said about curing is spot on. Usually people can cure themselves during spawns or usual monster poisons. In pvp it will often be deadly poison and some folks (like myself) fumble with the wrong cure or can't cure the first time where you may be able to.

I know you are kind of new to getting around various parts of the land. If you wish to participate in a hunt that you are unfamiliar with getting to, seek out someone that is going who can lead you along (without leaving you behind somewhere!)



Gosh, didn't even know there were different cures!  Maybe I can get with Honeycomb, sounds as if you know this.  Like how would one know which cure to use, things like that. 

Also, I've placed a house at Tonuko.  Great practice with the Ronins and wolves.  Anyone wishing to be friended let me know.  I'll have it set to guild access also.  The house is built for PVM, first floor open with hiding walls.  It is also in a nice enclosed area.  Great for new players too, I think I'm going to be a Lady!


Make sure you have macro keys set for greater heal and greater cure.  When healing or curing someone else, just always use those!


and for the love of god, don't use the little red and green gems in the party bar! They are too slow.