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Duke Morgan Ironfist
"This we will defend!"
When Houses Richter and Tallus brought Gilfane to the brink of civil war during the "Wedding Crisis" of 161 AG, Keeper of the Hall Farron resorted to extreme actions to remedy the situation, the net result of which was the dissolution of both Houses and the formation of a new one, Nemesis (see Gilfane Museum for the full account of these events). Nemesis was charged with providing a community-wide defence force, protecting Gilfane members both at home and abroad as they carry out their daily business. Members pledge to train in the arts of person-to-person combat and be ready to protect the community and its allies whenever called upon. The House is also prepared to take the fight to the enemy by conducting pre-emptive actions against them in the old belief that the best defence is a good offence.
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The House colour of Nemesis is blood red, representing both the blood spilled by the innocent victims of evil, and that which will be harvested from this evil. Members are asked to wear clothing predominantly made from this colour reward cloth, a robe being the favoured article, complimented by black or dark grey hats, cloaks or other accessories. If leather armour is worn, it should be dyed the darkest of the red colours or, if red outer clothing is being used, the darkest shadow iron leather colour may also be used.

The House seal, an order shield made from shadow iron, represents our pledge to defend Gilfane from the forces of evil and chaos. House members should always carry their shield with them and make sure it is equipped during ceremonial occasions, if not actually on the field of combat. The guildhall is Gilfane Arena, just south of the Citadel.

Notable Events
05/05/161 House Nemesis officially formed with Duke James Morcroft as prelate.
27/02/183 Duke Sebastian take over as prelate.
02/10/197 Duke Anders Beauchamp takes over as prelate.
14/08/206 Duke Anders Beauchamp dies from wounds received during the liberation of Skara Brae.
27/08/206 Duke Daoen named as prelate.
03/10/207 Calibretto replaces Daoen as prelate.
03/05/208 Nemesis becomes the Ruling House.
01/07/208 Vorrak takes over as the Ruling House.
01/01/209 Nemesis regains Ruling House status.
01/03/209 Vorrak takes over as the Ruling House.
02/09/209 Guildhall relocated to Luna.
14/05/210 Martin becomes new Duke. Guildhall relocated to Ice Island.
08/07/210 Martin resigns as Duke.
08/09/210 Brutus takes over as Duke. Guildhall relocated to Zento.
09/05/211 Morgan Ironfist replaces Brutus as Duke. Guildhall relocated to Gilfane Arena.

House Nemesis uses a single, non-standard order. Members of any profession are welcome provided they have some PvP ability, and their alts can also be accomodated. The ranks within the order are based purely on combat proficiency and willingness to lead others. The lowest two ranks have two possible titles each for combatants. Regulars use guard and sergeant, while those using stealth and ninja type skills are known as scout and assassin. Rank three is made up of three members: the Drill Sergeant ranks highest and is responsible for all training. The Quartermaster ranks immediately below the Drill Sergeant and is responsible for maintaining combat supplies in the guildhall. The Chamberlain is the lowest rank three member and acts as an administrative assistant to the prelate. As such, the Chamberlain need not necessarily be a combatant. All other non-combatants (PvM and crafter alts) are given the rank one title of Auxillary and are considered the lowest ranking members of the House.

RankGuild TitleMaximum
VIIIMarshal of GilfaneOne (if Ruling House)
VII-One (when Challenging/Ruling House)
VICommanderOne (when Greater House)
IVLieutenant Unlimited
IIIDrill Sergeant, Quatermaster, ChamberlainOne each
IISergeant or AssassinUnlimited
IGuard or Scout; AuxillaryUnlimited

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